Top Active Adventures in Seaside Oregon
Published: 02/04/2014  Updated: 08/09/2019
The Seaside bike tour is 7.8 miles of flat riding.
The Seaside bike tour is 7.8 miles of flat riding.  Photo by Don Frank

With spectacular views around every corner, new trails to hike or bike, waves to ride and rivers to paddle, Seaside, Oregon is the perfect base for all of you outdoor pursuits.

Lace up your hiking boots and follow the six-mile route of explorers Lewis and Clark over Tillamook Head, through lush rainforest to stunning ocean overlooks and beautiful Ecola State Park. Grab your binoculars and watch for Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons and dozens of other varieties of birds as you stroll the trail at the Necanicum Estuary. To get up close and personal with wildlife on the waterways, launch kayaks and paddle the Necanicum or Neawanna rivers. For fun that's really catching, drop your crab pot off the 12th Avenue bridge or dig for razor clams on Seaside beaches. More adventure awaits at remarkable natural areas just outside of town.

Set off from south Seaside for one of the most inspiring and scenic hikes on the Oregon Coast. The Tillamook Head Trail traverses the rainforest covered headland six miles to Ecola State Park. Serious hikers can also climb Saddle Mountain and several other challenging trails nearby. Complete trail information can be found at

Roads and bikeways through flatlands and forests offer a variety of cycling possibilities. The Seaside bike tour is 7.8 miles of flat riding. Other touring bike loops take riders to the Lewis and Clark Trail or to Fort Clatsop. Forest roads offer challenging terrain for the more adventurous. Bike rentals are available in town and route information can be found at

Explore the beauty and panorama of the Necanicum watershed paddling along the Necanicum River and Neawanna River estuaries. Kayaking in these scenic waterways offers outstanding wildlife viewing and birdwatching. You'll find kayak rentals and a public boat launch at Quatat Marine Park in downtown Seaside. Be sure to check tide tables, as coastal rivers are influenced by changing tides.

Watch flocks of shorebirds migrating the Pacific Flyway, Brown Pelicans soaring over the surf or wintering waterfowl on the rivers. Seaside is home or refuge to more than 250 varieties of birds and is a great birdwatching destination year-round. The Seaside Visitors Bureau can provide you with a trail guide showing the best birding locations including the Necanicum estuary and the Cove.

Seaside offers one of the Northwest's best surf breaks. Serious surfers ride the waves at the Cove and beginners will find easy breaks to perfect your skill. Check with local surf shops for information, gear, lessons and rentals.

Crab, Clam or Fish
Drop a crab pot off the 12th Avenue bridge or dig for Razor clams on the beach at low tide. Both are fun family activities and the reward is some of the freshest flavors of the coast. Serious fishermen head for the upstream Necanicum River, angling for steelhead in winter and Chinook salmon during the fall. Surf fishing for perch near the Cove is also popular. For information on licenses, limits and seasons visit the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website.
Top Active Adventures in Seaside Oregon