The Best of Cannon Beach Dining
By Kathryn Pickford
Published: 09/07/2014  Updated: 08/09/2019
Photo by Gary Hayes

Whether you're searching for steak or seeking fresh seafood, craving a cocktail or want to indulge your desire for delectable desserts, we've trawled the eateries of Cannon Beach to share some of our favorites with you.

Best Seafood - Wayfarer Restaurant & Lounge
Seared salmon, rex sole and prawn scampi are just a sampling of the ocean's bounty available at the Wayfarer. There's Dungeness crab, clams and calamari as well as traditional, beer-battered halibut and chips. You can enjoy the ocean view too.

Best Steak - Driftwood Restaurant & Lounge
Thick, hand-cut and dripping with flavor, these lightly seasoned, sizzling steaks have been a staple and a favorite at the Driftwood for decades. When the locals order it, you know it's the best.

Best to Grab & Go - Crepe Neptune
Whether you're up for something sweet or savory, there's a crepe with your name on it at Crepe Neptune. The Haystack Rock crepe combines Nutella, bananas, and cream for a sweet treat and the Cannon Beach crepe features prosciutto, chevre, figs, and honey for a savory delight.

Best Burger - Driftwood Restaurant & Lounge
It's the king of the no-frills burger. Ye Olde Driftwood Burger is one third-pound of Black Angus beef with lettuce, tomato and onion served on the side and you can add cheese, bacon, or an extra patty if you must.

Best Fusion Cuisine - Castaways Restaurant & Tiki Bar
East meets West, dips down to the Caribbean and borrows from French traditions at Castaways. The Caribbean Curried Prawns in a spiced coconut broth with mango salsa is to die for, but you'll also find Jambalaya and Jamaican jerk chicken along with steaks, chops and seafood, all with a little fusion flair.

Best for a Special Occasion - Stephanie Inn Dining Room
If you're looking for a romantic, indulgent and sumptuous night out with your sweetie, the four-course prix fixe dinners at the Stephanie Inn Dining Room are sure to satisfy on all accounts.

Best Dining with Your Dog - Lumberyard Rotisserie & Grill
There are at least a half dozen spots to dine with your dog in Cannon Beach. At the Lumberyard Rotisserie and Grill, you and your pup can lounge on the patio, where you can dine casual, with a basket of wings tossed in Pepsi-barbecue sauce or a burger and a brew; or go all-in with pan-seared halibut while your pal munches on a large milk bone treat offered by the attentive servers.

Best Cookie - Cannon Beach Bakery
We're not going with a traditional chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin. Our choice is the Florentine cookie at Cannon Beach Bakery. This Tuscan-inspired classic is crispy, nutty and caramelly goodness. Heck, go wild and have two, they come plain or chocolate dipped.

Best Desserts - Newman's at 988
A homemade sorbet or gelato, crème brulee du jour, hand-crafted chocolate-cherry-almond tart, or slice of Pumpkin Bourbon Cheesecake, with a bourbon cream garnish – all go very nicely with port.

Best Chowder - Wayfarer Restaurant & Lounge
When you live on the ocean, there are bound to be a lot of mouth-watering chowders, but the Wayfarer's classic Northwest chowder – thick, creamy, and brim-full of sweet, tender clams – inches out the competition.

Best Cocktails - Castaways Restaurant & Tiki Bar
The fruit is fresh-squeezed, the pour generous and the combinations tart, sweet and tongue-tingling. Treat yourself to a taste of the islands.

Best Vegetarian - Sweet Basils Cafe
Locally-sourced, with a Cajun influence, Chef John cooks for vegetarians, vegans, and pescatarians. The Panini are fresh and flavorful, the tapas light and bright, and your omnivores won't
go hungry.

Best Oceanview Dining - Mo's
You can't beat Mo's for inexpensive, family-style dining. Hear the waves crash outside that wall of windows as you down your oyster burger, crab melt, fish tacos, or sourdough-bread-bowl of Mo's famous chowder.

Best Breakfast - Lazy Susan Café
The line out the door tells you the Eggs Benedict, buttered waffles, and shrimp omelet are all worth the wait. Add a homemade dessert and you'll be rolling home, happy.

Most Unique Dining - Cannon Beach Hardware & Public House
Stop for a pint while shopping for that buzzsaw! Howzabout a Buffalo-Chicken Sandwich with Cajun fries? The menu says their fries are no good, but they're some of the best in town.

Best Wine List - Wayfarer Restaurant & Lounge
The Pinot Gris and Noirs are predominantly Oregonian, but the Sauvignons hail from Washington and California. There are imported and sparkling wines as well as a goodly selection by the glass.

Best Happy Hour - Driftwood Restaurant & Lounge
If you really want a place where everybody knows your name, hang at the Driftwood. For happy hour, Monday-Friday 4-6pm, you can choose from the cozy bar that is child-free or the deck with its open-pit fire. There are drink specials and a $5 per item menu featuring Hog Wings with mustard glaze, a third-pound burger, wedge salad, nachos or mac and cheese.

Best Soup & Sandwich - Seasons Café
Enjoy your mozzarella, tomato, basil, and balsamic sandwich out on the patio and enjoy a quiet lunch in the sun. Soups are always good and might include carrot-curry, tomato-basil, steak chili and the chowder is a contender too.
The Best of Cannon Beach Dining