Seaside Aquarium Celebrates 80 Years
Published: 05/13/2017

Marking 80 years as one of the oldest aquariums on the West Coast, Seaside Aquarium celebrates its anniversary on May 25 by rolling back back to 1937 prices.

Founded 80 years ago, Seaside Aquarium returns to its roots on May 25th by rolling back admission prices to 1937 levels. Admission for kids will be ten cents and 15 cents for adults. The throwback prices will be for the day as cash only. You can still feed the wide-eyed seals for a small fee. All proceeds from admissions and seal food will be donated to the Friends of Haystack Rock and the Wildlife Center of the North Coast. Representatives from both organizations will be on hand with special displays.

When the aquarium was first founded its primary goal was entertainment. For generations the Seaside Aquarium has been an Oregon Coast attraction for visitors, travelers and locals alike. In recent years, the focus has shifted to include education and community involvement. The Aquarium now extends its reach by supporting local events and projects that promote a better understanding and appreciation of North Coast marine environments. The aquarium is proud to be involved in public awareness programs: Marine Mammal Stranding, Seaside Beach Discovery Program, Sea Week, Haystack Rock Awareness Program, the Wildlife Center of the North Coast and other marine education tours and activities for school children.

Seaside Aquarium is on the Prom in Seaside (503) 738-6211
Seaside Aquarium Celebrates 80 Years