King of Spring
By Gary Hayes
Published: 02/21/2011  Updated: 08/08/2019
Photo by Gary Hayes

The Shelburne Inn in Seaview serves up some sure signs of spring: fresh King Salmon with Willapa Bay oysters on the half shell.

It's moist, it's rich and it's firm. King Salmon, also known as Chinook, is a sure sign of spring on the Northwest Coast. King Salmon is prized as one of the most flavorful of the Pacific wild salmon, with the highest amount of beneficial omega 3 oils. Chefs from regional restaurants welcome its arrival and design their latest creations to honor this delicacy from Northwest waters. This spring at Shelburne Inn in Seaview, Washington, Chef Richard Windrich has paired wild King Salmon with nearby Willapa Bay oysters on the half shell that are bathed in a reduced brandy cream sauce with shallots and a touch of saffron. Oregon green beans and kale are quick braised, remaining crisp and flavorful. A bed of light polenta is herbed with thyme and a Parmesan tuile cradles the salmon steak. The boldest visual element of the plate is the use of three colorful oils, an herb oil with cilantro and parsley, a purple cabbage oil and a bright carrot oil. The oils are a subtle addition to complexity of the bold flavor of the salmon that is simply seasoned and grilled. Shelburne Inn, 4415 Pacific Way, Seaview, Washington (800) INN-1896 or (360) 642-2442.
King of Spring