Floor & Decor
By Valerie Ryan
Published: 02/27/2010  Updated: 08/14/2019

Deborah and Randall Lee combine their talents, and their businesses, to offer a wide variety of products and services to coastal residents.

Randall Lee's Flooring America and Isabell Ross, both in the Seaside-Gearhart area, have for many years been the places that coastal residents think of when they are ready to remodel, refurbish, or even start all over.

Flooring America provides one-stop shopping for carpet, hardwood or laminate floors, tile, vinyl, countertops, window treatments, a huge upholstery fabric selection and lamps and chandeliers to provide decorative lighting. Start with an empty room or house and let Randall Lee and his staff help you turn it into a home. They offer design services by the hour. Jeanne Tagg, Certified Interior Decorator, says, "I can start with a floor plan and show the client furniture placement and multiple options for windows and floors, furnishings and lighting. All the basics for the home may be found right here."

Once the basics are in place, meander into Isabell Ross in Seaside and add all those special finishing touches. Deborah Lee has everything you could want including a faux mink throw, to personalize your space. Unique furniture items, small, decorative salt lamps, cabinets, pillows, clocks, table settings comprised of runners, napkins and napkin rings and tall, entry hall vases guaranteeing a stunning visual when guests arrive. Deborah also has handbags, beautiful evening purses, jewelry and even a few exquisite baby clothes!

Once you have remodeled your home and added the decorating touches that make it uniquely yours, light a Beanpod candle from Soy Basics, which Deborah carries. These colorful and fragrant candles are earth-friendly, pure soy wax and have exceptionally long burn time. So, sit back and enjoy what you and Randall and Deborah Lee have created.
Floor & Decor