Out of the Fire
By Beth Wise
Published: 03/03/2015  Updated: 09/11/2017
Kelly Howard works on a small vessel at the Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio in Lincoln city where visitors can blow their own piece of glass art. Howard's works can also be see at her gallery, Volta, just across the street.
Kelly Howard works on a small vessel at the Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio in Lincoln city where visitors can blow their own piece of glass art. Howard's works can also be see at her gallery, Volta, just across the street. 

Experience the adventure of glassblowing by visiting the many hot shops, studios and galleries up and down the Oregon Coast.

A number of artists on the Oregon Coast literally play with fire. The result: Beautiful blown glass art treasures that straddle the boundary between liquid and solid in gleaming vessels and colorful orbs. Creative visitors can even feel the heat themselves and blow their own piece of art glass.

Melting and turning, heating and cooling, the art of blowing glass takes a certain level of attention to detail and patience. It also requires a healthy amount of flying by the seat of your pants, so to speak. With these and many other talents, coastal artists are bringing to life in glass everything from breathtaking sea life to fully functional sinks. A visit to any of the studios that offer the ability to view the artists at work or take workshops and classes that allow you to create your own piece is a memory in the making.


Fernhill Glass Studios
1450 Exchange Street (503) 325-3448

Inspired by the ocean, Claude Kurtz utilizes subtle shifts of light, mirroring the play of water, and his bright palette to bring 38 years of experience with glass art to reality. Explore his bright shop in Astoria's historic Fort George area. Here, you'll find the opportunity to not only learn about and assist in making your own piece, but also to take home one of his.


Bandon Glass Art Studio
240 US Highway 101 (541) 347-4723

Near Old Town, you'll find the Schulze family honing their dazzling craft. The over 30 years of experience shows in the richness and harmony of the colors they use and the shapes - sometimes within shapes - that are formed in their hands. Ornate sculptures, perfume bottles, unique vessels, a variety of ornaments and more come to life in this local shop. Why not find your next treasure there?

Vines Art Glass
47074 US Highway 101 (541) 347-2652

Iridescent colors, ropelike textures and leafy patterns emerge from Bryce Dimitruk's work. On perfume bottles, curvy vases, ornate lamps and even beautiful glass ducks, you can see the colors move and blend. Visit this handsome studio, with its vaulted wood ceilings, to check the beauty out firsthand.


Icefire Glassworks
116 E Gower Avenue (503) 436-2359

Glass artists Jim Kingwell and Suzanne Kindland are the cornerstones of the building in midtown Cannon Beach, constructed out of hand-hewn cedar posts and giant steel brackets, that practically glows from within. From outside, glass sparkles, flows and beckons in a dizzying array of colors through their windows. Inside, the breathtaking finished glass gallery is separated from the hot shop by a wall of glass which visitors have been wowed by their work for decades. Drop by soon and pick up some oohs and ahs of your own.


Alder House Glassblowing
611 Immonen Road (541) 996-2483

The oldest of all the glass blowing studios in the Northwest, this warm little space offers the opportunity to watch the Williams family crafting away in their beautiful rural location. For 40 years, they have been shaping hot glass into beautiful works of art and offer a plethora of pieces, some at very affordable prices. Make plans for a fun detour May-October, to see them on your next trip to the coast.

Jennifer L. Sears Glass Art Studio
4821 SW Highway 101 (541) 996-2569

Built around a community of glass artists, this studio specializes in teaching and inspiring visitors to blow their own pieces. With the help and guidance of an experienced craftsman, watch as your lump of glass in the crucible glows red hot right before your eyes. Make a reservation to experience it for yourself soon!

Volta Gallery
4830 SW Highway 101 (541) 996-7600

Just across the street from Sears, you'll find Volta Gallery, where Kelly Howard's glass resides. A resident artist and instructor at Sears, she brings many of her remarkable pieces, along with some from other artists, to this crisp and inviting gallery. Colors collide and explode in unexpected patterns here and you'll find yourself wanting to take them all home. Come visit their creations today!


Oregon Coast Glassworks
616 E Olive Street (541) 574-8226

As the premier Native American-owned and operated glass blowing gallery in the area, this airy Newport gallery and hot shop offers everything imaginable in glass: sea life and animal sculptures, goblets, bowls, platters, floats, jewelry and other locally handcrafted items. They offer classes and instruction in glassblowing. Make an appointment to create a lasting memory next time you're in town.

The Edge Glassblowing Studio & Art Gallery
3916 South Coast Highway, South Beach (541) 867-4198

Surreal beauty and memorable shapes dominate the work at Ryan Bledsoe and his team's gallery in South Beach. An open airy space first welcomes you into their lovely gallery area, but the window into the rear workroom is what ultimately keeps you from leaving. With pieces including jewelry, floats, vases, memory glass and even the kitchen sink, you'll find - or help to make - something beautiful every time you visit.


Ocean Beaches Glassblowing & Gallery
11175 NW Highway 101 (541) 563-8632

Representing over 45 artists, you can find almost anything in glass at Bob and Vicki Meyer's gallery. Color, light and texture come together in pieces that are every combination of beautiful and functional that you can imagine. Floats, lampshades, treasure floats, memorial orbs and more come to life in a building that was constructed especially for this purpose. Stop by and watch them work next time you're in town.
Out of the Fire