A Whale of a Trip Along Oregon's Coast
Published: 09/26/2018  Updated: 11/16/2018
Whale Watch Center in Depoe Bay, Oregon
Whale Watch Center in Depoe Bay, Oregon  Photo courtesy of Oregon Parks & Recreation Department

Migrating whales travel longer than any mammal on earth and can be observed from the Oregon Coast, if you know when and where to watch.

Starting in late fall, Gray Whales leave their feeding grounds in the Arctic and travel south to breed in the warm waters off Mexico. With its expansive ocean views on elevated locations like capes and headlands, the Oregon Coast is a great place to spot these marine giants. During peak winter migration, December 27 through January 1, 2019, the best whale watching locations along the coast are staffed by trained volunteers to answer questions and help you spot whales. Read more about Oregon's Gray Whale migration here: Oregon's Wandering Whales. Learn more about Oregon's Whale Watch Center, get spotting tips and access the Whale Watch Center brochure here: Depoe Bay Whale Watching Guide. To view a map of the 24 watch locations, go to: Whale Watching Spoken Here.
A Whale of a Trip Along Oregon's Coast