Lighted Boats on Parade in Newport
Published: 11/08/2017  Updated: 11/20/2017

Nothing short of be-dazzled brilliance, the 24th Annual Lighted Boat Parade promises to light-up Yaquina Bay with holiday cheer.

Bundle up the family and head to Newport on the Central Oregon Coast for some maritime holiday revelry. Newport's historic Bayfront will light-up the night with dozen of decorated boats parading around Yaquina Bay on December 2, 2017. Starting at dusk an armada of holiday cheer will circle the harbor with dazzled, decorated boats of all kinds. Newport is home to the largest fishing fleet in Oregon and to the NOAA Pacific Fleet and the Lighted Boat Parade always features a variety of watercraft, including Coast Guard search & rescue vessels, charter boats, fishing boats, sail boats and even sea kayaks.

Get a sneak peek, go to Newport Christmas Boat Parade

For lodging and activity information go to Discover Newport or call (800) 262-7844
Lighted Boats on Parade in Newport