Mixing Business & Pleasure in Manzanita
By Valerie Ryan
Published: 06/19/2009  Updated: 08/14/2019
Gary Hayes

The collaboration of developer Hans Tonjes and architect Jimmy Onstott combines beauty and function in downtown Manzanita.

The brainchild of Hans Tonjes and Jimmy Onstott is a relatively new concept on the coast: commercial condo space in a mixed-use complex. The two-story building at 144 Laneda features commercial condo space on the ground floor and residential condos upstairs. It is an attractive building enhanced by a tiled courtyard, a mosaic façade and columns designed by Martha Wurzelbacher. They are made of concrete and reinforced with fiberglass in deep blues and greens perfect for the site. She has also created fish and frog gargoyles as decoration throughout the complex.

For some businesses, a retail condo is a perfect fit. Spa Manzanita, Four Paws on the Beach and Fit Manzanita are three of them. Spa Manzanita, is owned by Janice B. Gaines-Ehlen, formerly of Manzanita Massage. She opened in her new location early this year with a full-service day spa featuring five treatment rooms and a retail shop. It has a calm, peaceful ambience that invites you to enter and enjoy the total experience. Four Paws on the Beach is one-stop shopping for your dogs and cats with more fun stuff than you can imagine, plus practical considerations such as leashes, cozy sweaters and even "Catviar." Fit Manzanita is, guess what, a fitness center, opening in June with state-of-the-art equipment and programs meant to help you get in shape and stay that way. The residential condos are upstairs. One condo is still available, one retail space may be leased and one retail condo is for sale, although it is now occupied by Olga Tonjes' business, T-Spot, featuring a luscious sampling of teas, chocolates and gorgeous yarns. As Olga says, "It is for sale with me or without me." It's a great place to shop - or to live - just a block from the ocean. For purchase and price information, contact Hans Tonjes at (503) 936-4244 or Jimmy Onstott at (503) 709-1849.
Mixing Business & Pleasure in Manzanita