Experience an Authentic Oregon Coast Tidepool Adventure in Lincoln City
By Ingrid Mueller
Published: 03/31/2020
Photo by Gary Hayes

When the sea pulls back during spring and summer minus tide times visitors can get a guided tour and learn from local experts about Lincoln City's inter tidal zone and the fascinating tidepool creatures living on Oregon's rocky shore.

When minus tides arrive in spring and summer it's time to break out your rubber boots and take advantage of tidepool season on the Oregon Coast. In Lincoln City, visitors can explore colorful intertidal environments and see fascinating tidepool creatures with local experts from Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Some of these dates may be cancelled in an effort to curb the spread of the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Visit the event's website for more information.

The group begins with an overview of intertidal communities living in the turbulent places between land and sea. Local guides will then take you on a tidepool tour to explore and identify local marine life such as sea stars, anemones, urchins and other colorful creatures.

Tidepool Exploriences is a free program, aimed at making the most of your tidepool adventure. Registration is not required; to participate meet at NW 15th Street beach access. Programs last about one hour; dates and times are listed below.

2020 Tidepool Exploriences Dates and Times

May 23 – Saturday, 8am

June 7 – Sunday, 8am

June 10 – Wednesday, 10am

June 23 – Tuesday, 9am

June 27 – Saturday, 11am

July 5 – Sunday, 8am

July 7 – Tuesday, 9am

July 10 – Saturday, 10am

Read about the instructors, what gear to bring and safety tips at: Explore Lincoln City Tidepools
Experience an Authentic Oregon Coast Tidepool Adventure in Lincoln City