Matter's Maritime Muse
By Veronica Russell
Published: 06/04/2010  Updated: 06/20/2019
painting by Janne Matter

Silver Heron Gallery in Depoe Bay features paintings by Janne Matter who has found a muse of the maritime variety.

While artist Janne ­Matter enjoys painting flowers and fruits, oceans and ­mountains, she is especially drawn to subjects of the maritime variety. Matter has been painting since the 1980s, but the decision to paint full time came about in 2004 after her graduation from Michigan State University with a degree in art. Her travels around the Pacific Northwest coastal areas, Lake Tahoe and along the East coast provided Matter with much opportunity to observe and capture the tranquility and beauty of marine environments. Her favorite subjects are classic wooden boats at rest in serene waters, colorful buoys and floats, and other iconic harbor scenery. She works in both oils and acrylics, combining vibrant color wheel opposites to create depth and contrast in her paintings.

Matter's work has been ­exhibited in one-woman shows across the country and you can see a special summer ­exhibit of her work at Depoe Bay's ­Silver Heron Gallery where she has been represented for three years. Matter is currently accepting special commissions and can work with a photograph to create custom ­paintings. For more information, contact Silver Heron Gallery, 15 SE Bay Street in Depoe Bay, (541) 765-2886.
Matter's Maritime Muse