Paint It, Light It, Trim It
By Cristine Shade
Published: 09/27/2011  Updated: 06/21/2019

Fall and winter are ideal for taking on creative projects indoors.

The return of fall to the coast sends many of us inside to spend more time in toasty sweaters with warm beverages. It’s during these cozy moments that you might take notice of the interior and begin wondering what you can do to brighten and refresh your indoor spaces. We recently talked to some coastal home improvement experts who have offered suggestions for three projects that can offer a big impact whether your budget is large or small.

Paint It
Paint is always a great way to transform a room, but you don't have to paint the whole room to make a big impact. For a quick spruce-up, try adding a bold color to an accent wall or a piece of furniture to breathe new life into your space. Choosing colors is typically one of the hardest parts of a painting project, but the experts at Rosenberg Builders Supply in Tillamook offered a few suggestions. "When painting a larger space choose a cooler color," says Kathleen Tyler from the paint department, "but when painting an accent wall or piece of furniture, choose a warmer color to add depth and warmth." Tyler also recommends choosing one color from your accessories or linens for an accent wall, or making a statement with a new paint color on a piece of furniture. The paint experts at Rosenberg can help you select paints and finishes and can offer suggestions about color combinations to help you set a romantic mood, spa atmosphere or to add a rustic or sophisticated air to your decor.

Light It
Swapping out a light fixture or installing some new accent or purpose lighting can have you seeing your home in a whole new light. From task lighting in the kitchen, office or craft room to mood lighting in the living, dining or bedroom, a simple lighting project can have a dramatic effect. "Switching table and floor lamps change a room immediately with little effort," says lighting expert Becky Foley from Carpet One Floor & Home in Newport. She also suggests that you don't have to make big lighting changes for big impact. A few simple sconces can add character to a room. Carpet One Floor & Home carries a range of lighting styles from affordable to high-end luxury lighting, and experts like Foley can help you decide what styles might work best for your home and your lifestyle.

Trim It
Adding trims can create a detailed, finished look to your ceilings, walls and floors. It's surprisingly easy to spice up your walls by installing decorative wood trim and molding. Adding new crown molding in a room offers a dramatic transformation. But, even a small project, like installing new base trim or adding decorative trim around a focal point such as a fireplace, can make a big difference in your room. We asked Roxanne Stewart from Astoria Builders Supply what they can do to help customers with their trim projects. "We can help customers choose trim and molding pieces," says Stewart, "and can assist with calculating the amount of wood needed and what type of finish to apply, as well as recommending the right tools for the project."
Paint It, Light It, Trim It