Humbug Mountain State Park
Published: 06/09/2014  Updated: 08/16/2019
Humbug Mountain rises 1,756 feet from the edge of the shoreline.
Humbug Mountain rises 1,756 feet from the edge of the shoreline.  Photo by Gary Hayes

Lose yourself among the scenic hills and trails of this 1,840-acre recreation paradise.

Humbug Mountain State Park features beaches, lush greenery and a panoramic hike. The park is rich with old-growth forest and crowned by the 1,756-foot-high Humbug Mountain, which rises resplendently out of the ocean.

Great hiking is the main draw here. The six-mile-round-trip hike is moderately intense, but the persistent will be rewarded with postcard-perfect views and perhaps a glimpse of a pod of faraway whales. Shorter hikes are also available.

On land, you may encounter deer, elk, squirrels and birds hidden among the trees, so be sure to pack your camera. There's also a beautiful, peaceful beach and fishing available. Windsurfing and scuba diving are also popular activities nearby.

The park's camping area is one of the warmest and least breezy spots on the Oregon coast – a boon, as anyone who has been caught in a whipping coastal windstorm can attest. There are approximately 40 sites with electric and water; and another 55-plus tent sites

Humbug Mountain State Park is located off U.S. Highway 101, six miles south of Port Orford.
Humbug Mountain State Park