Personal Touch
By Cyndi Mudge
Published: 06/07/2008  Updated: 08/08/2019

The design process is a team effort at Holly McHone Jewelry in downtown Astoria.

Holly McHone Jewelry in Astoria specializes in custom-made designs that grow from collaboration between the designer and client. Whether she's creating rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings or other fashion pieces, the design process becomes a fulfilling partnership with her customers.

"About 40 percent of our business is now custom work for people - from resetting heirloom diamonds to finding special gems and creating custom settings," noted owner and designer Holly McHone. "What makes this fun for me is that I focus on ensuring the customer is completely involved in the process - the design process becomes a team effort," explained Holly.

Some customers are very clear about how they want a piece to look and others want to turn the design reins over completely to Holly. From gem selection to the final polish, the end result is most often a blend of ideas that come together in a happy marriage between customer, designer and jewelry.

One customer fell in love with a pearl Holly had shown her. Together they designed a piece that incorporated a swirl of champagne diamonds set in 14 karat yellow gold. Other pieces have incorporated beloved or unusual heirlooms that are re-fashioned into new pieces.

While Holly continues to work in the traditional wax medium for making jewelry designs, she and husband Kevin can also do more intricate design work with their digital carver.

Holly McHone Jewelry opened in April 2004 at its current location in historic downtown Astoria. Prior to opening the store, Holly was a jewelry designer who was featured in various galleries and art shows since 1997.

Raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Holly attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She lived in Phoenix, Arizona where she met husband Kevin, who told her about this paradise in Oregon called Astoria. They eventually moved to Hillsboro, where they lived before finally settling in Astoria and opening their gem of a store in the heart of downtown. Holly McHone Jewelry is located at 1150 Commercial in downtown Astoria, (503) 325-8029.
Personal Touch