Seaside by Season
Published: 01/19/2011  Updated: 08/13/2019

Seaside and the Pacific coast offer unique experiences any time of year. Summer offers the ­driest and ­warmest weather, but off-season rates and remarkable natural wonders make for memorable getaways during the other seasons. Winter draws storm watchers who come to experience one of the wettest and ­windiest places in the country, the perfect setting to cozy up to a fire or savor a hot bowl of ­chowder. Fall and spring offer a wide range of outdoor recreation, including ­hiking, kayaking and some of the world's best bird watching.

It's the quietest time of year at the coast, and winter visitors love it that way.­ Mild temperatures make Seaside one of the easiest travel destinations to reach ­during the winter, but storm watchers are also drawn to the sometimes wild weather. Storm-tossed seas can be an awesome sight and winter tides often bring the best ­beach combing finds of the year. In one of nature's most remarkable migrations, over 20,000 Gray Whales are observed from coastal viewpoints. Herds of elk are seen roaming and grazing in coastal meadows. Bald Eagles soar overhead, Peregrine Falcons hunt along waterways and many other varieties of birds make this a prime season for bird ­watching. Several area holiday events make winter an active time of year.

Seaside's pocket gardens burst with color and there is an increase of ­family ­activities when spring arrives on the beach. This is a favorite season for surfers and river kayakers. May brings the first of the ­semi-annual wine walk events. A wide variety of ­wildflowers bloom in spring, ­providing a colorful palette in the coastal meadows, forests, bluffs and beaches. April and May are busy seasons for birds and ­birdwatchers. Large numbers of shorebirds migrate north along the coast. Spring also brings the first of the daytime minus tides, making this an exceptional time for clamming and beachcombing. One day each spring, thousands of volunteers scour the coast during the SOLV Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup.

Summer in Seaside is one of the busiest times of year for outdoor ­activities like ­water sports, biking, ­hiking and kite flying. June is marked by the thunder of ­muscle cars at the Seaside Muscle 'N' Chrome car show. A Fourth of July ­celebration includes a spectacular fireworks show, parade and old-fashioned social. In August, ­Seaside's beach is home to two huge sporting events: the annual Beach Volleyball Tournament, the largest amateur volleyball tournament in the United States, and the Hood to Coast Relay, the ­longest and largest relay race in the world. Mid to late summer, pelicans begin ­moving north along the coast and can be seen diving into the ocean for a bite. The city's landscaping will be of interest to ­garden ­lovers. Pocket gardens showcase more than 2000 varieties of trees, shrubs, bulbs, perennials and annuals.

The weather can be beautiful and ­dramatic during the fall season. Days can be cool and clear, shrouded in fog or gray and stormy. A blustery fall day makes for outstanding kite flying. A clear crisp day is perfect for a long walk on the beach or a hike through the forest or golf. Surfing and river kayaking are also popular fall activities. Fall bird migrations make this another busy season for bird watchers. Beginning as early as August, you might encounter large flocks of shorebirds migrating to the south. In September, downtown Seaside turns into a car show at the ­annual Seaside Wheels 'N' Waves gathering of hot rods and custom cars.

to Help You Prepare for Fun

Trip Essentials
All-Weather Clothing for Layering
Walking Shoes / Hiking Boots
Camera and Binoculars
Sunscreen & Lip Balm
Field Guides
Beach Chairs and/or Blanket
Outdoor Recreation Gear
Beach and Water Toys
Extra Towels
GPS or Mobile Device
Hat and gloves

Average Temperature Range: 37-54 F Average Rainfall: 9 - 12 inches/mo

Average Temperature Range: 38-61 F
Average Rainfall: 3.5 - 8.5 inches/mo

Average Temperature Range: 49-68 F
Average Rainfall: 1 - 3 inches/mo

Average Temperature Range: 41-68 F
Average Rainfall: 3 - 10.5 inches/mo

Insider Tips:
Seaside is spectacular in every season and can be enjoyed whatever the weather offers if you're prepared. Savvy travelers pack clothing that allows for dressing in layers - t-shirts, overshirts, sweatshirts or sweaters and jacket/rainwear. Layers can be added or removed as temperatures vary throughout the day or during your visit. A hat and gloves can be important for cooler seasons and windy days on the beach. Pack extra socks. Be prepared for unseasonably cold or wet weather and you'll enjoy your trip and be inspired by whatever Mother Nature offers.
Seaside by Season