Renewable Resources Afoot
By Laura Swanson
Published: 06/17/2010  Updated: 08/13/2019
The reclaimed wood floors inside The Ocean Lodge in Cannon Beach have a storied past.
The reclaimed wood floors inside The Ocean Lodge in Cannon Beach have a storied past. 

There are an increasing number of choices in earth friendly flooring, ranging from reclaimed wood to bamboo and cork.

In every product category, the options for green products are increasing and there are many environmentally-friendly materials used for wood flooring products. "Ninety-percent of the products I use today are from renewable sources," said Bill Sherman of Nehalem Bay Hardwoods. A particular product that Sherman has ­installed in several homes and ­businesses in Cannon Beach and Arch Cape is "reclaimed flooring" and is perhaps the most eco-friendly material of all. McGee Salvage deconstructs massive old warehouses, churches, gymnasiums, etc., then mills the huge beams into hardwood flooring.

"Old wood is different from new wood, it has a darker patina and nicer grain," said Sherman. The label on this floor could read: "No trees were harvested to produce this floor." Old bleacher seats from a gym in Long Beach, became a floor in Arch Cape, old boards from WWII-era military housing in Seattle became the floor and staircase inside The Ocean Lodge in Cannon Beach.

Bamboo is a well-known renewable flooring material, and the stranded products from Teragren in Washington are harder and more durable. A crop of bamboo can be grown to maturity in seven years versus over 40 years for an oak tree to reach a harvestable age. Rosenberg Builder's Supply in Tillamook offers the Teragren line of bamboo flooring and can answer ­specific questions about the product.

"You don't have to pay more for the green renewable flooring products," says Robin Taylor of Randall Lee's Flooring. There are many natural ­flooring options.

Cork flooring is popular and durable, but because it is not UV stable it ­darkens and changes colors. "There's a new cork flooring that has a layer of recycled vinyl over the cork which maintains its color and is easier to clean," adds Robin. This product was developed for allergy-free environments.

The folks at Carpet One Lighting Too in Newport work with vendors to provide flooring that meets strict ­eco-friendly standards to earn the ­company's Green Select label. The product must currently be ­recyclable, contain a minimum of recycled ­material and/or be made from a natural, ­sustainable, quickly renewable resource. A key example is Carpet One's Montado Cork flooring. Beautiful and durable, Montado is 100 percent ­natural cork flooring made from a naturally ­sustainable resource. Look for other exclusive Green Select label flooring at Carpet One.

You can select many colors of ­flooring, but with ever increasing options it's easy and affordable to go green. Reclaimed, recycled and renewable sources to cover floors that are durable and easy to clean will soon have your feet doing the happy dance.
Renewable Resources Afoot