Doggie Destinations That Will Knock Their Spots Off
By Kathryn Pickford
Published: 06/29/2014  Updated: 08/09/2019
Gracie licks her chops in anticipation at Woof's Dog Bakery & Pet Supplies
Gracie licks her chops in anticipation at Woof's Dog Bakery & Pet Supplies  photo by Gary Hayes

Whether Susie Splendiferous needs a new tutu or Spottydog wants home-baked treats, here are six places on the Coast that get drool endorsements, tail thumps and four enthusiastic paws up.

What dog doesn't hop in the car when you're headed for the beach? No brainer! Let's go! But shopping? Do we have to? Can't we lounge in the sun, with Pa? This retail outing is guaranteed to make your four-legged fluff-munchkins leap in, salivate on the back seat, and beg for more.

Woof's Dog Bakery & Pet Supplies
97900 Shopping Center Ave. Brookings (541) 469-3408
29525 Ellensburg Ave. Gold Beach (541) 247-6835

In Gold Beach, Woof's Dog Bakery & Pet Supplies offers healthy, wholesome, human-grade foods, and fresh-baked treats for your slobberchops. Bring your current food in for a label consult with one of Woof's nutritional experts. A glowing coat, gleaming teeth, no rumblings of the tummy-tum-tum are all just a conversation away. Of course, the home-made cookies don't hurt. With aisles of toys, beds, sweaters and Doggles – it's a veritable poochie-palace.

Dog Style Boutique
95 SW 11th St. Bandon (541) 347-2504

Galumph into Dog Style Boutique, Bandon for natural and homeopathic products and Bone Appetit Raw Dog Food. Bone Appetit offers a gourmet Raw Food Diet: Organic, hormone-free, USDA-inspected, human-grade meats (chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, offal); bait-caught fish, fresh off the docks (mackerel, herring, anchovies, sardines); and no less than 14 types of organic fruit and veg.; topped off with, organic alfalfa, Icelandic organic kelp and raw apple cider vinegar – good for the digestion, skin and coat, to say nothing of HRH Fluffybutt's mood.

Four Paws on the Beach
144 Laneda Ave. Manzanita (503) 368-3436

At Four Paws on the Beach, Manzanita, kisses are free! What are you waiting for? We're there, already! This boutique has leashes, collars, toys, treats, puppy-got-left-at-home-all-by-her-ownsome "guilt" gifts, and premium food for your gourmand. Regular beach-goers will recognize the ubiquitous ChuckIt line, a "must have" for your time on the dunes and in the waves. Toys from West Paw are made from recycled bottles, old chew toys, organically-grown hemp and cotton. While Cloud Star treats, with their simple-to-understand, hypo-allergenic ingredients will satisfy even the finickiest eater.

Puppy Love by the Sea
271 N. Hemlock St. Cannon Beach (503) 436-9800

Puppy Love by the Sea, Cannon Beach – where wagging tails, lolling tongues, beach-loving pups and their peeps are welcomed, year after year – is no cookie-cutter store; they aim to please. It's all about understanding what you want. Whether you're looking for a raincoat for your Rufftafarian or an Oregon Duck's sweatshirt, to take home to your Fluffanese, Puppy Love's going to help you to the perfect fit. If your Terrier wants a Tuffy Bone or your Basengi wants a Bungee Weiner, the staff will interpret wiggles, waggles, and barks until your magnificent mutt's every desire has been satisfied.

Dogs Allowed Cannon Beach
148-B Hemlock St. Cannon Beach (503) 440-8740

Dogs Allowed, Cannon Beach keeps their eco-pawprint small. Leashes, collars, coats, treats, and toys, are locally sourced whenever possible. In collars stinkless (Dublin Dog); with a built-in bottle opener (Cycle Dogs); or hand-stitched (woodinu). Cookies (Kiss My Biscuit) are grain-free, with Oregonian blueberries, cheese, and pumpkin; home-made peanut butter and beef stock. The Snout-Lickin' Chicken jerky (One Spoiled Dog) is human-grade and US-sourced. Organic biscuits, shaped as crabs, turtles and seashells (Four Beach Paws & A Tale), nest high on the wall or they'd be snarfed right out of their baskets. All treats have been rigorously and repeatedly Lab Tested by store mascot, Hailey.

Beach Puppy Dog Boutique
614 Broadway, Seaside (503) 738-9262

You and your tail-wagging Bestie can splurge at Beach Puppy Dog Boutique in Seaside. Beach Puppy's on the cutting edge of doggie couture for all you stylin' stinkers. For information on dog-friendly hotels, doggie day care and boarding facilities; advice on how to enhance the safety and comfort of your woofers while traveling; or to learn about dog events on the Coast, just talk to a friendly, knowledgeable staff member.
Doggie Destinations That Will Knock Their Spots Off