Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Seaside
By Gary Hayes
Published: 06/30/2013  Updated: 06/21/2019
Prosciutto-wrapped ling cod at Yummy Wine Bar & Bistro in Seaside.
Prosciutto-wrapped ling cod at Yummy Wine Bar & Bistro in Seaside.  Gary Hayes

Can't-miss spots for a day of dining out in Seaside

BREAKFAST: Firehouse Grill
With homemade sausage, light fluffy biscuits and large portions made with fresh ingredients, the Firehouse Grill in Seaside has already claimed a legion of fans who offer exuberant reviews since the restaurant opened last summer. Count me among the converted. Firehouse Grill is a breakfast and lunch spot and the morning meal shines here with large omelets, scrambles and several house specialty dishes. Potatoes Deluxe is a hearty and flavorful offering of grilled potatoes with sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, scallions and spinach mixed with pesto and jack cheese, all topped with two eggs as you like them. The omelet of the day on my last visit was piled high with Pacific Pink Shrimp, then drizzled with a light lemon dill sauce. House made meat loaf is also served for breakfast in the meatloaf scramble with mushrooms, scallions and jack cheese.
Firehouse Grill, 841 Broadway (503) 717-5502

LUNCH: The Stand
For years, The Stand has proved that the most casual and affordable restaurants can still serve up some of the most flavorful food. This is an order-at-the-counter Mexican restaurant famous for its big burritos and house made salsas. I enjoy the stewed pork preparations including chili verde featuring a lively tomatillo sauce and pork Colorado in a spicy red chili sauce. A grilled chicken and veggie burrito is served open face, piled high with grilled zucchini, red peppers, mushrooms and celery, topped with a spicy chipotle sauce and blue cheese. It's hard to resist the dark, rich mole sauce when it appears as the daily special. There are several great vegetarian options including the black beans or refried pinto beans that contain no meat products. The Stand is family operated, hours are limited and they are not open on weekends, an oddity for a restaurant in a tourist town, but an indication that this is a locals' favorite.
The Stand, 109 North Holladay Dr (503) 738-6592

DINNER: Yummy Wine Bar & Bistro
As the name suggests, Yummy Wine Bar & Bistro is a great place to enjoy a glass of wine and maybe nibble on small plates, but it has also become one of Seaside's top-rated restaurants. Owner Corey Albert has created a hip, casual hangout and along the way he has reinvented himself as a chef. You can sink into a couch by the fireplace and eat off vintage TV trays or sit at a traditional table in a setting more urban and artful than beachy. Albert has worked hard to create a menu that offers fine dining surprises at surprisingly affordable prices. There are several entrees priced at under $20 and only the steak pushes up close to $25. A prosciutto-wrapped ling cod features a scampi broth reduction and a tarragon pesto. Pan-roasted scallops are served with a cauliflower purée, lemon beurre blanc and a pomegranate balsamic reduction. Pork medallions are skillet grilled then topped with stewed Italian plums and a reduced onion-cream sauce. In a town filled with chowder, the made-to-order seafood chowder at Yummy is one of Seaside's finest.
Yummy Wine Bar & Bistro, 831 Broadway (503) 738-3100
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Seaside