Beyond Bronze at Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach
Published: 02/22/2012  Updated: 06/21/2019

Don't let the name fool you, Bronze Coast Gallery is much more than bronze. The Cannon Beach gallery features a variety of painters with a wide range of styles.

Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon satisfies discriminating tastes like a full course menu. In addition to its sculpture from some of the best known sculptors working today, Bronze Coast Gallery also represents painters creating works with unique styles implementing unexpected techniques.

One example is Doug Hansen's unique works of art that combine impressionist oil painting with organic elements. His richly blended colors and textures contrast with real tree branches that create three-dimensional studies of nature. Hans Schiebold's large-scale acrylic landscapes are complex impressionist images created without paintbrushes. Unique tools are used to roll and press the thick acrylic pigment onto the canvas layer after layer. Cary Henrie paints natural elements and atmosphere, hinting at windswept hills, trees, clouds and vistas of weather-beaten landscapes and architecture. Drawn from his love of Italian frescoes, New York museums, and his native West, each of his paintings begin by laying the canvas with additive and subtractive methods: sanding, varnishing, taping, adding paint, burnishing and removing layers of paint, which lends to the depth of each work.

In addition to bronze sculpture and painting Bronze Coast Gallery features the contemporary photography of Scott Peck. The gallery is located at 224 N Hemlock in Cannon Beach, Oregon (503) 436-1055.
Beyond Bronze at Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach