Magnificent Mollusks
By Allen Cox
Published: 09/02/2014  Updated: 08/09/2019
Photo by Gary Hayes

Whether you like them raw with a glass of wine or prepared as a meal, Oysters are one of those perfect foods you will find when visiting the coast. Here are nine great spots on the Oregon Coast for eating oysters.

Slightly sweet with ripened honeydew notes perfectly balanced by a subtle minerality. Tasting notes for a fine riesling or viognier? Guess again. It's the humble oyster—a mollusk that graces every style of eatery from fine dining to dockside fish markets. Diners have learned to appreciate the oyster's nuances more than ever. And chefs have become adept at showcasing the oyster's intrinsic complexity. But "fresh" is the key. Here's where to enjoy Oregon Coast's fresh oysters right at the source.

Bridgewater Bistro
20 Basin St, Astoria (503) 325-6777
Tease your cravings with extra-small Willapa Bay Pacific shooters (raw or pan-fried), spiked with Absolut Peppar cocktail sauce. Or enjoy a classic: a plate of Pacifics, pan-fried and accompanied with tartar sauce or creole mayo.

503 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita (503) 368-7708
Oysters are not a regular menu item here, but when the chef features them seasonally, order them; they'll be fresh and the chef's treatment creative.

Fish Peddler
5150 Oyster Drive, Bay City (503) 377-2323
At this oyster processing facility and restaurant, choose from freshly shucked oysters on the half shell, oyster stew, baked oysters or oysters "Tillamook" baked with bacon, red onion and shredded Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese.

Blackfish Café
2733 NW U.S. 101, Lincoln City (541) 996-1007
When in season, fresh oysters are served on the half shell with shallot-infused sherry vinegar.

Fish Peddler
617 SW Bay Blvd, Newport (541) 265-7057
This casual seafood market with a cafe features fresh oysters from Pacific Oyster Company's Bay City production facility. Eat them freshly shucked with cocktail sauce or a squeeze of lemon.

Local Ocean Seafoods
213 SE Bay Blvd., Newport (541) 574-7959
At this market-style cafe, you'll find local Yaquina Bay oysters-buttermilk-dipped, panko-crusted and pan fried; available small-plate or entree size.Or try the spinach salad topped with these succulent beauties.

Hilltop House Restaurant & Lounge
93405 Wilsey Lane, North Bend (541) 756-4160
At this well-established favorite, fresh local oysters are prepared a variety of ways: baked Cajun-style or with lemon and garlic, breaded and grilled, or served freshly shucked on the half shell.

The Waterfront Depot
1252 Bay Street, Old Town Florence (541) 902-9100
Here you'll find oyster tapas in three styles: pan-fried, Cajun grilled or Madrid (in a white wine, tomato and cilantro broth).

Tony's Crab Shack & Seafood Grill
155 First St., Bandon (541) 347-2875
Oyster lovers order the sandwich—six pan-fried oysters on ciabatta with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce. Other offerings are fresh oyster cocktail or oysters on the half shell with slaw, fruit, garlic bread and grill sauce.
Magnificent Mollusks