Best Spots for Agate Hunting on the Oregon Coast
By Gary Hayes
Published: 09/03/2014  Updated: 08/09/2019

Coast Explorer publisher Gary Hayes answers questions from travelers as Travel Oregon's Oregon Coast expert for the Ask Oregon program.

Agates are a sought after find all along the 363-mile Oregon Coast. On the North Oregon Coast, I would recommend beaches south of Cannon Beach such as Arcadia Beach or Short Sand Beach in Oswald West State Park. Further south, Oceanside is known for agates where at low tide you can pass through a tunnel at Maxwell Point to find gravel beds great for agate hunting.

On the Central Oregon Coast, the stretch of beach between Otter Rock and Newport is famous for agates, including the appropriately named Agate Beach. Further south you will find some good agate beaches between Yachats and Florence. Consider the beach access areas adjacent to small creeks such as Agate Point just south of Yachats, Neptune Beach or Stonefield Beach.

On the South Oregon coast, consider Seven Devil's Wayside south of Coos Bay, the beaches near Cape Blanco State Park and beaches both north and south of Gold Beach.

The quieter seasons of the year are usually the best for agate hunters. Not only is there less competition for the prized stones, but also off-season storms often pull sand off the beach and waves dislodge agates from the shoreline revealing them to beachcombers. Look for areas of gravel deposits, and then look closer to find the polished translucent quartz stones along with polished jasper, and sometimes, petrified wood and fossils.

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Best Spots for Agate Hunting on the Oregon Coast