Your Daily Bread
By Stella Bennett
Published: 12/21/2009  Updated: 06/20/2019
A selection of bread from Grateful Bread Bakery in Pacific City.
A selection of bread from Grateful Bread Bakery in Pacific City.  Photo by Gary Hayes

Step into any of the small coastal bakeries and you're met with the delightful aroma of freshly baked breads.

From Astoria to Newport, bakery display cases gleam with hearty loaves and baguettes of various specialty breads, handcrafted by dedicated bakers. Some bread varieties are made on specific days, so call to confirm what's available.


Blue Scorcher Bakery Café
, 1493 Duane St (503) 338-7473

Organic artisan breads baked on a stone hearth. Mainstays at Blue Scorcher are their Pain Rustique French bread and a Finnish Pulla cardamom loaf. Challah on Fridays.


Bread and Ocean
, 154 Laneda Avenue (503) 368-5823

Organic multigrain breads and some unusual specialty breads such as stout beer bread, potato-rosemary-leek and chocolate bread with dried cherries. For the wheat intolerant, they make a spelt loaf.


Cannon Beach Bakery
, Coaster Village, Hemlock St (503) 436-0399

Famous for their Haystack bread, a tall, round, handcrafted crusty loaf, now available in versions including garlic-cheese, onion-cheese and jalapeno. Also French, sourdough, Danish coffee bread, apple-cinnamon loaf, pumpernickel, limpa rye and cinnamon-raisin.

Waves of Grain Bakery, 3116 S Hemlock Street (503) 436-9600

Uses organically grown wheat from their family farm. Bread varieties include ciabatta, rosemary focaccia, crusty French, rustic Italian, sourdough with Tillamook cheese and black pepper and versions of wheat bread including honey, sunflower and multigrain. Also offer spelt bread for the gluten intolerant.


Grateful Bread
, 34805 Brooten Road, 503-965-7337

Bread varieties include sourdough rounds, challah sandwich loaf, multigrain, whole wheat, potato white and a delicious spinach-garlic loaf. They also serve a stuffed focaccia with spinach, cheese and fresh tomatoes.


Panini Bakery
, 232 NW Coast Street (541) 265-5033

Features "Old World Breads" with Italian breads a specialty. Other breads include rustic sourdough, 12-Grain, New York rye and Normandy rye. Different breads every day can range from three cheese, olive-thyme, rosemary, walnut-dried cherry, blond raisin, chocolate.


Rockfish Bakery
, 3026 NE Highway 101 (541) 996-1006

A variety of breads baked with organic grains including honey-oat, whole wheat, multigrain, crusty Italian, cinnamon-raisin nut, ciabatta and challah. Sourdough varieties include walnut and rosemary-cranberry.
Your Daily Bread