Quiet Destinations on the Oregon Coast
By Gary Hayes
Published: 06/21/2017  Updated: 08/13/2019
Proposal Rock in Neskowin
Proposal Rock in Neskowin  Photo by Gary Hayes

Coast Explorer publisher Gary Hayes answers questions from travelers as Travel Oregon's "Ask Oregon" expert for the Oregon Coast.

Question: We are interested in a quiet destination on the coast that is not real touristy. We are old and boring, like to fish, sit by the water and read. Got any place for us?

Answer: There are a lot of quieter towns on the Oregon Coast that might give you the experience you are after. If you plan on visiting during the summer, you may need to consider hotels outside of smaller towns for the quiet you are interested in. If a vacation rental home is in your budget, you will find many more options for the quiet experience you are seeking. On the North Oregon Coast, consider the towns of Oceanside or Netarts that are located away from the main coastal route of Highway 101. The small town of Neskowin might be another good choice for you, a mostly residential town with only a couple of lodging options, but a vacation rental in the north end of town would put you near a quiet stretch of beach. On the Central Oregon Coast, the small towns of Seal Rock and Waldport might be what you are looking for. Yachats is one of my favorite small Central Oregon Coast towns and small hotels and vacation rentals away from the main stretch of hotels in that area will offer more solitude. On the South Oregon Coast, consider Port Orford or perhaps a vacation rental on the beach north of Gold Beach. Of course, if you plan your trip between November and April you will find many more quiet options on all parts of the Oregon Coast.

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Quiet Destinations on the Oregon Coast