Advice from a Dog: Get Out There!
By Gary Hayes
Published: 03/31/2020
You can follow Gracie the beach dog at Go Go Gracie on Facebook and Instagram.
You can follow Gracie the beach dog at Go Go Gracie on Facebook and Instagram.  Photo by Gary Hayes

If you want to know how to truly enjoy the Oregon Coast, take advice from an expert: a dog. No matter what the weather, there's no day better than today and there's no time better than now to get outdoors and enjoy the Oregon Coast's beaches and natural areas.

I didn't think anyone could love the Oregon Coast more than I do. And then, I met Gracie. Not only does she exuberantly embrace her role as a beach dog, she's taught me a very important lesson about how to best enjoy life and the Oregon Coast: you've got to get out there. Get out there if it's sunny, get out there if it's gray, get out there if it's showery. And, get out there even when it's stormy. Sunny is easy, but Gracie gets me out there on days that I might otherwise stay inside, and those outings often turn into some of the most inspiring and truly authentic Oregon Coast experiences. One showery day, we headed to the beach and within minutes, the sun emerged, and an intense rainbow framed the perfect ocean scene against a dramatic backdrop of gray skies. I had to say, "thank you, Gracie." Sometimes we encounter wildlife or find something interesting that's washed ashore. Sometimes the marine layer blankets the landscape with a warm glow or rays of light stream from cloudy skies. I've come to feel that while sunny skies are easy, they are nowhere near as interesting as our more typical Northwest weather, always changing and often surprising. Obviously, one of the keys to enjoying the often damp and cool weather is having the right clothes, a good raincoat, waterproof footwear and if it's really wet, rain pants too, though Gracie only wears her coat on the rainiest of days. Often, I just have to get out the door. "We'll just go for a short walk," I say; and before I know it, the Oregon Coast casts its spell and this enchanting place pulls me into an extended trek. So, if you're visiting, take a tip from Gracie. Get out there. You can follow Gracie's adventures on Facebook and Instagram at Go Go Gracie. She'll show you how to embrace life and put a smile on your face at the same time.
Advice from a Dog: Get Out There!